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holistic wellness

HINDES uses whole plant CBD for whole benefit and well-being. We are community-oriented and collaborate with local artists. We believe in being connected to nature and enjoying the benefits that plants provide.

natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are a key tenet of HINDES. Our products are made in small batches with minimal ingredients to reduce additives and allergens. Essential oils are a staple in aromatherapy and skincare, no synthetic fragrances are used.


HINDES prioritizes the planet by minimizing packaging, choosing eco-friendly options, and minimizing plastic usage. Whenever possible, American-grown ingredients are used.

HINDES is a part of my daily routine. I love how luxurious and indulgent they feel to use, and the scents are expertly balanced. They smell wonderful without being overpowering, like a fantastic spa. Plus, I feel better after using them. I have chronic nerve pain and the CBD lotion really helps ease that constant ache.

Emily C.

I love the high-quality ingredients and calming scents. The care and attention to detail for each product is evident. I would recommend HINDES to everyone I know!

Becca F.

Very knowledgeable and friendly owner! Great atmosphere and awesome passion about the products. Highly recommend.

Jen M.